Our advisory areas

elfnullelf GmbH Berlin | Stakeholder EngagementThe involvement of stakeholders is normally, e.g. seen by enterprises, a complex task. Many stakeholders must be involved in the communication: customers, suppliers and business partners, employees, the media, the financial world, local communities, non-governmental organizations, government agencies and parliaments as well as the supervisory authorities Regulated market.

An exact definition of “stakeholder engagement” is difficult and depends on the different minds or philosophies regarding the desired result. Elfnullelf is primarily concerned with political key opinion leaders. Customers of elfnullelf want to expand and expand their network in this area. The political aspect, however, must be seen in a little wider aspect than that of the government and parliament. One also must consider political margins such as non-governmental organizations, foundations or the media addressees of the embassies. Elfnullelf understands its customers as a content supplier. The deep understanding of the client’s issue is important in order to be able to talk about political decisions even in the absence of the customer. Only in this way is it possible to counter the growing professionalization of the political decision-making process on an equal footing.

elfnullelf GmbH Berlin | Politikfeldanalyse / MonitoringThe basis for all consultancy services is the exact knowledge of the respective industry environment. This includes the identification of all actors involved within the process, both on the political and social level. On this basis, we develop policy analytics and stakeholder mappings, which list all actors and their respective strengths. It is also important to classify the actors in the decision-making process. This makes it possible for us to collect specific information and to evaluate it according to customer requirements. Comprehensive knowledge of the political processes and structures help us to select the right contact for you.

One of the things elfnullelf must say is that a thorough consultation can only be made if there is a comprehensive knowledge of the industry. That is why we carry out a thorough policy analysis and keep our customers up-to-date with current monitoring. Careful research is the top priority.

elfnullelf GmbH Berlin | Digital Public AffairsStill a very young discipline of lobbying is the Digital Public Affairs work. Digital Public Affairs includes all digital instruments for political communication, including contacting political decision-makers, through mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, Xing or emails. In the meantime, almost all members of the Bundestag, but also their employees, are represented in social media, which has the advantage of starting a dialogue quickly and spontaneously and of drawing attention to their own content / solutions.

The team of elfnullelf consists of professionals in the serious dealing with digital instruments for the political address. No matter whether you are looking for social media coverage or monthly newsletters, we will find the right note for you.

elfnullelf GmbH Berlin | GeschäftsbesorgungThe concept of “business management” is borrowed from the legal environment and is, according to the legal dictionary, a concept of different contracts. But there are always activities in “foreign interest”. Elfnullelf adopts this foreign interest of its members and continuously develops the network of these organizations. First, to increase their political weight and secondly to expand the available resources.

At elfnullelf, the administrative and organizational accompaniment of the federation customers is also referred to as business management. This extends from the implementation of the committee meetings, the management of the budget to the acquisition of ordinary and encouraging members. While lobbying is generally carried out for business customers, the association’s clients are also managed with a business unit and management, in addition to the classic lobbying and political representation.

elfnullelf GmbH Berlin | Reputation ManagementThe first step towards success is a good image. For this reason, we are happy to shape the reputation management for our association customers, in other words the structure, but also the maintenance of the image of an association in the public eye. Elfnullelf has a lot of experience with building structures for associations – whether as an e.V. or as a non-legal organization.
It starts in the founding phase: the idea born of a few must be brought to other supporters. A charter is then worked out, targets are defined, the office established with accessibility, the registration with the court and the registration with the parliament is initiated. Finally, the employability is established when the analogous business equipment has arrived and the association is financially viable.

We help you define a clear corporate or union target and make it stand out from the crowd. We achieve this by means of a multitude of media and multimedia instruments and a network of high-calibre multipliers, which help us to make the entrusted association known