Who are the heads behind elfnullelf? This question we are pleased to answer. You want to know who takes repsonsibility for what issue.

We are a highliy motivated team with degrees in political and communication sciences. Udo Sonnenberg signs primarily responsible.

Udo Sonnenberg, M.A

Managing Partner

Fabian Haun, M.A.

Managing Partner

Florian von Gierke, M.A.

Senior Public Affairs Consultant

Marian Blok, M.A.

Public Affairs Consultant

Johanna Weirauch, B.A.

Public Affairs Consultant

Jonas Pohl

Consulting Analyst

N.N., M.A. - Starting 1 September 2021

Junior Public Affairs Consultant

N.N., M.A. - Starting 1 October 2021

Junior Public Affairs Consultant

Martina Elbell

Administrative Accounting