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elfnullelf GmbH Berlin | Gesundheit

The German health system is experiencing a change, as many other parts of the society and economy is. The digitalization is advancing rapidly in the health system – with the according impact on all involved people, especially the patients. In 2015 an E-Health-Act has been passed for the first time through the German Bundestag. With it some digital health standards have been established. To make the transition to a modern and progressive health care system more successful, further technologies and concepts, which have already proven to be improvements compared to the “tried and tested”, have to be transferred into an e-health strategy. Elfnullelf has had many years of expertise in the healthcare sector and advises clients who want to push ahead with the innovations in the health care sector against the political decision-makers as well as other stakeholder groups. Without a doubt Germany has one of the best health care systems in the world. But a high standard wants to be held. For that it needs future oriented solutions in medical care as well as in the supply of medication.

elfnullelf GmbH Berlin | BauenThe built environment has a decisive influence on our lives, our well-being, and our culture. This is what the term „Baukultur“ means. So, planning and constructing are a fixed part of our cultural lives. But they are also consistent triggers for political discussions. How and where should the construction take place? Which social groups have to be considered in the construction project? Are there financial reservations? From planning until delivery of a building there are many different actors involved on the construction phase. Architects and engineers, materialmen, project managers, builders and so on. Elfnullelf uses it’s communicative know-how for these groups to link them together and to represent their interests in front of the government and public. The increasing digitalization of planning and construction processes also causes a lasting change in the industry, which affects not only the big players, but also small and medium-sized enterprises. Elfnullelf accompanies these developments for its customers and, in addition to a helpful network, also provides access to political decisions for SMEs, so that they do not lose out.

elfnullelf berlin | Public Affairs-Consulting - DigitalisationDigitalisation, also referred to as the fourth industrial revolution*, is a truly cross-cutting issue.

It impacts on all sectors and areas of life, and offers countless opportunities and possibilities. Whether in communication and interaction between people, in the development of data-driven, intelligent products and applications, or in the optimisation of processes.

Digitalisation is by no means a natural phenomenon, but it has indeed descended on us like one.

New technological possibilities must be applied and adapted for their respective purposes. This requires initiative and expertise. Together, these are the two central challenges that companies and organisations are facing in order to survive in a globalised, competitive environment.

A further challenge is presented by the ground rules and legal parameters of digitalisation. On the one hand, they have to promote innovation, competition and administrative modernisation, but on the other safeguard data protection, personal rights, the environment and social cohesion.

We support and guide our clients with our consultancy services so that they can overcome these challenges in a future-oriented way. We understand the necessary regulation, the legislative processes and the people acting on digital themes in the context of political decisions.

*after mechanisation, mass production and automation

elfnullelf GmbH Berlin | MobilitätCommunication and mobility are the mega trends of our time. The internet supplies the according technology and provides both areas with almost exponential growth. Mobility is the basis of our lives and economic activities. Not being mobile means that one can’t take part in society to its full extent. A „globalised “world would not be one without the mobility of humans, goods and services. Being mobile means mobility, change and the ability to transform individually as well as socially. More and more often the beginning of a multi-mobile era is mentioned. Anyone who speaks of the future of mobility also calls on concepts such as sustainability, new energy infrastructures and post-fossil mobility concepts. Traffic forecasts for the next decades, both for passenger and freight kilometres, see only one trend: upward. With currently about one billion cars worldwide factoring in the known effects for humans and the environment, new combination possibilities of mobility must necessarily be thought about. The focus is on the electrification of individual traffic in combination with storage technologies. Although the concept of mobility is fundamentally positive, the political framework for sustainable mobility does not come automatically. Elfnullelf advises its customers with regard to multimodal approaches in connection with regenerative drive systems. These considerations are discussed with political decision-makers as well as government agencies, and integrated concepts are offered both in terms of planning and execution. Individual mobility may have advantages for the individual, but many problems are associated with it: congestion, environmental pollution caused by noise and exhaust fumes, surface sealing, accidents, etc.

elfnullelf GmbH Berlin | KonsumgüterMany consumer goods are subject to very tight regulation as consumer goods. This primarily serves consumer protection. The consumer must be informed about what is in a packaging, how long it is durable and which ingredients or additives are contained in the product itself.

The case of consumer goods which are also luxury foods, e.g. Tobacco and alcoholic beverages, is even more specified. In addition to the content, it also must contain information on possible health hazards or the protection of minors. This goes up to textual or pictorial warnings on the packaging. The key words consumer protection and protection of young people lead the issue directly into the area of regulation and thus legislation. The consumer goods industry has been increasingly regulated during the past decades. This is the starting point of elfnullelf: The number of social demands, which then lead to political (regulatory) measures, necessitates a tailor-made approach to strategic policy advice. Together with our customers, we translate the entrepreneurial objectives – of as little as possible regulation as needed and as much regulation as necessary – into political demands and develop measures that enable the company to participate in the market sustainably.

elfnullelf GmbH Berlin | FinanzmärkteLatest through the last major global financial market crisis in 2008, it has become clear to everyone how closely interrelated the global activities in the money and financial markets are. „Too big to fail “ or “absolutely system relevant” have made rounds as the characterization of the credit institutions. Political decision makers have had to tell the taxpaying society that substantial financial resources have to be paid for saving market participants of this sector. In addition, there was a “promise”, which was politically understandable but not well-founded, that all savings were secure. From today’s point of view, a larger collapse of the financial markets has not occurred, but the system is still not sufficiently stabilized and uncontrollable chain reactions could have disastrous consequences. The so-called Brexit, the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain from the European Union, will also determine the discussion for years. Anyone who knows the city of London knows how much this issue affects the financial world. Do international players who have been licensed for their products on the mainland through their headquarters in the UK now need an own license for every separate EU country? What will happen in the future with the European banking regulation, and will Britain develop an independent set of rules that may be even more closely related to the ones in the US? These are questions that many decision-makers are currently pursuing.

A hardly to be over-estimated part of the financial world is real estate financing. Some ten years ago the speculative bubble in America has basically been popped by the fact that real estate has been lent well above value, and that the centrifugal forces of this ever-swirling cycle have torn the core of the financial world that is, the proper lending and proper repatriation of the mortgage lending. In order for the world or economic core regions not having to return to such a situation, moderate and effective regulation is necessary. On the other hand, investors should not be deterred from the outset by the law. To find this balance elfnullelf supports customers from the financial sector.